CURECOLOURS: Fools Dance released two EPs called “Fools Dance” and “They’ll Never Know”. They are fairly impossible to find now. Do you think these would ever be rereleased or distributed digitally?

GARY: It would be nice but unfortunately I don’t know where the masters are. Maybe I will rerecord a few of the songs one day.

CURECOLOURS: If you had to pick one, which do you think is your proudest moment in the entertainment business?

GARY: Every time somebody tells me they like or can relate to a song of mine makes me proud.

CURECOLOURS: And the most embarrassing? (You knew that was coming!)

GARY: ME? Embarrassing, Never!!!!!!

CURECOLOURS: What’s a typical holiday like for you? Big get-together or quiet night at home?

GARY: I prefer one on ones these days; I really don’t feel comfortable around crowds and like to give 100% of myself to whomever I’m with.

CURECOLOURS: What is your favorite city that you’ve lived in or traveled to?

GARY: I really don’t have one. There are many places that have good memories for lots of different reasons

CURECOLOURS: Have you got a favorite book or movie you’d like to share?

GARY: Nothing in particular. I tend to change my tastes frequently as I do with music.

CURECOLOURS: Would you ever consider sharing home demos and solo material with your fans? Or do you prefer to only distribute a finished product?

GARY: As much as I would like to, I think providing everyone with a finished song is what I would like them to have.

CURECOLOURS: Do you think your connection with The Cure has helped or hindered your efforts in making music?

GARY: It is really a double edged sword. It opened the door for me because of the name but also slammed it in my face for the very same reason. I mean people would say “Oh the bass guitar on Fools Dance songs sounds like The Cure” Duh!!!!!!! Did they expect Simon to switch hands or turn into a jazz funk enthusiast? The same with Presence and Lol.

And the English media is so narrow minded; I mean I heard a song on the radio the other day that was scarily like Inbetween Days. Now if I had of brought that out I would have been crucified. What people don’t know or forget is we all spent so much time together. Doing the same things, listening to the same music, everything.

CURECOLOURS: Lydie Barbarian and Steve Sutherland wrote Ten Imaginary Years which purports to be a reasonably accurate history of the The Cure. Do you think that account of your time with the band is a fair one?

GARY: I don’t recall the exact content of book but I trust Lydie and Robert so I’m sure its pretty close.

CURECOLOURS: Speaking of which, between you and Simon, was it even possible for Lol or Robert to meet any women? (hahaha)

GARY: Ok, you had me at “Hello” LOL. Very cute ;^)

That’s the thing I like about The Cure and the bands I’ve been in. It was never about sex and drugs and rock’n’roll. It was about friends doing what they like to do together. We always much preferred each others company than that of others.

CURECOLOURS: If you could go back in time to 1977 and tell yourself something, what would it be?

GARY: Learn to play the guitar and behave! (Actually I still tell myself that now).

CURECOLOURS: Assuming I haven’t already asked it (and I really hope I haven’t) what is the most irritating question people ask you?

GARY: REALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :^)


Gary, thanks so much for your time. I really think it's great that you're online again and willing to talk to folks about your career. It's been an honor and a treat to talk to you.

GARY: Thank you. It's been my pleasure.

So that's it. That's our twenty (five) questions with Gary Biddles. We can't thank him enough for taking the time to talk to us. If you haven't yet picked up a copy of Inside, you're really missing out. In the meantime, stop by the links below to listen to a few of the choice tracks from Presence. Check out the Presence and Fools Dance threads in Other Voices of this forum to see youtube videos of some of the tunes as well.

CURECOLOURS: Laurence Tolhurst once said that Presence’s second album was complete or near complete. Do you think it will ever be released?

GARY: I don’t know. I would love it to be as it was a great album and such a good reflection of how the band was maturing and finding itself

By 1993, Dempsey and Thompson were replaced by Roberto Soave on bass and Rob Steen on guitar. The band released its only album "Inside". Although highly lauded by critics, this was to be the band's first and last official release.

Gary has kindly agreed (hm. been suckered into?) a curecolours-style welcome in the form of twenty five(ish) questions about, well, anything...

So without further ado, we present to you the curecolours interview with Gary Biddles!

CURECOLOURS: Alright, first the easy stuff...

CURECOLOURS: Describe yourself in three words or less. (This is a curecolours tradition - we ask it of all members and honorary members!)

GARY: Unpredictable, Unbelievable, Unforgettable.

CURECOLOURS: Ever been skydiving? If not, ever consider it?

GARY: Nooooooo !!!!!!!!!

CURECOLOURS: Which album is so awful that all copies of it on Earth should be destroyed?

GARY: None.

CURECOLOURS: Hm... Have you every heard of Nickelback? (kidding, kidding...)

CURECOLOURS: What food will you never even consider trying?

GARY: I'm pretty curious so I don't think there's anything I wouldn't at least try.

CURECOLOURS: Do you spend a lot of time on the internet?

GARY: At the moment, yes. I disappeared for a few years and removed myself from most forms of communication but now have decided to reconnect with the real world again.

CURECOLOURS: Ok, onto the real stuff!

CURECOLOURS: Is there an event you can think of which started you on the path to making music, or do you think you were always destined for it?

GARY: I used to skip school and follow the Clash around when I was young but I always used to sing and dance in front of my mum’s friends.

CURECOLOURS: You are a gifted singer and guitarist. Do you play any other instruments?

GARY: I can play everything badly! I think that is one of the things that makes my music interesting, I don’t know any boundaries. When we started Presence, Michael wanted to play guitar, so I played bass. Then when he left I had to play guitar as well. Eventually we got Rob and Roberto in who are both brilliant. I’ve played with the most amazing musicians and it still amazes me when they like my guitar or bass playing I’ve always written songs on the guitar or bass though.

CURECOLOURS: Which bands do you think influenced your songwriting, singing, and guitar playing?

GARY: Obviously The Cure as I’ve heard them play hundreds of times. I think they and many other people have inspired me as apposed to influence me.

CURECOLOURS: Do you occasionally keep in touch with members of Fools Dance or Presence?

GARY: I regularly hang out with Lol and am in contact with Rob. I try and see Simon when I can although unfortunately due to our location and schedules it’s not as much as I’d like.

CURECOLOURS: The live clips you’ve made available at are very powerful performances. What was the largest crowd your remember performing in front of? How did you think the show went?

GARY: I really don’t remember, I know as a band we didn’t care if there were 100 or 1000 people in the audience we always played our hearts out and I think people always appreciated that.

CURECOLOURS: Inside (1993) was the last officially released music compilation you were involved with and it was highly acclaimed by critics. What made you decide to stop releasing records after that?

GARY: I just think it was time to stop and rethink everything. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the politics and forget who you are and why you are doing this. I became uninspired and disillusioned by it all. I finally have that hunger back again.

CURECOLOURS: Are there any plans or wishes to ever release any new material?

GARY: YES, lots ;^)

In 1991, he regrouped with two of the original founders of The Cure, Lol Tolhurst and Michael Dempsey to create the band Presence. Together with keyboardist Chris Youdell and drummer Alan Burgess and a few guest appearances by Porl Thompson, Presence released several singles.

Folks, it is my pleasure and honor to present to you the front man for Presence, Fools Dance, and one-time roadie for The Cure, Gary Biddles.

As some of you may remember, Gary started Fools Dance with Simon Gallup after his somewhat dramatic departure from The Cure in 1982. The band release two EPs: "Fools Dance" and "The Priest Hole" and 7" and 12" singles for "They'll Never Know".

I would like to thanks to The for allowing me to put this to our website to all presence fans to view and read this page Thank you Interview with Gary Biddles